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    The Foundation  

Dana Sally Allen Foundation utilizes a highly integrated set of resources, support services an a  four phase program created and established by Dana Sally Allen. Dana believes in the Holistic Approach utilizing the Ecological System. 

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The phenomenal Dana Sally Allen contributed to unprecedented social change within her community.  The Dana Sally Allen Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) community outreach organization based in Richmond, Virginia, established to restore men, women, and children to become whole and be a vehicle of services to the community. The mission is to empower, uplift, encourage, and motivate individuals to prosper and change their environment to grow and become productive citizens in our communities.  


The Foundation also uses a holistic approach to progressive economic and human development, newer visions, and infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for the communities the foundation serves. 


Under its umbrella, you can find love, peace, happiness, and joy. You will enter into a realm of calmness you deserve in your life. We all need peace within to be able to endure. Here is where you can seek guidance and assistance. You will be able to utilize our educational teaching and learn a new way of life. Providing unconditional positive regard, empathetic listening, and empathetic understanding will help guide the constituents to acknowledge their needs to help improve their circumstances. 


With Dana's lived experiences and educational background, her vision is to provide global services for communities in need. She will give trauma-informed care on a therapeutic platform. She will address Substance Abuse, Mental Illness, Holistic Re-entry,  Aftercare, Domestic Violence, Rape, Molestation, and any adverse experience with referral resources. The Dana Sally Allen Foundation represents 




A-dverse experiences.


The mind, body, spirit, and soul will keep the score. That's what trauma-informed care will help eliminate. 

Dana is skilled and nurturing to further assist in the development of anyone dealing with adverse experiences.  One of the primary benefits of this fellowship is to create a haven for men, women, and children to share and break free from the bondage of their past and to embrace God's promises so they will become productive, empowering, and motivating neighbors in our communities. 

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