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Rev. Dana Sally Allen

Founder and Director

An effective communicator of God’s word, Dana Sally Allen has been preaching as a licensed and ordained minister. She is widely known for her practical, realistic, and dynamic teaching style, which helps people apply the timeless truths of Scripture to their daily lives.


In addition to serving in various leadership capacities throughout the years, Dana has worked in Nephrology for Hemodialysis for almost 20 years. Dana's current career is as an advanced human service professional practitioner and a qualified mental health professional specializing in addiction counseling and mental health.  She has had her time of struggles as she has overcome a substance abuse disorder that launched her into eighteen arrests and seven drug overdoses during active addiction. She now has 30 years in recovery from a substance abuse disorder, which is a medical condition. She understands that she is operating in her calling. She knows there is a greater calling in her life and has accepted her calling by helping others overcome addiction. 

Community Involvement

The work of the Lord has always been first and foremost in her heart, so she founded the Dana Sally Allen Foundation for progressive economic and human development, newer visions, and infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for her community. 


With a passion for giving back to the community and such a great calling to fulfill, Dana plays a significant role in contributing towards a phenomenal social change within her community. She finds time to travel through her community while helping the constituents.


As a CEO and a founder of the Dana Sally Allen Foundation, her goals include driving social change worldwide. Her foundation represents all facets of progressive economic and human development, representing her inspired service to the community." This guides us further into the service work of Rev. Dana Sally Allen. 


In addition to her commitment to the community, Dana also led to organizing and forming the Blackwell Historic Community Civic Association. She accomplished three essential tasks under her tutelage that she envisioned helping her community.


‘Progressively empowering the people and progressive economic development in the Blackwell Historic Community” is Dana's vision for her community through the organization.


She has been at the forefront of helping the constituents in her community. She also received encouragement from the Vice President of the previous Civic Association while learning that the former Civic Association was no longer being represented.


However, she was elected to become the new president of the Blackwell Historic Community Civic Association with a unanimous vote from the attendance at the community meeting, where she shared her vision with the constituents.


Everyone agreed with her vision and was impressed by how her eyes shone brightly with a solid commitment to her community. Her vision was to have all vacant and blighted property restored, streets repaved, and infrastructure to the park in the community.


She prides herself on the Blackwell Community being chosen and awarded the Neighborhood In Bloom Hope VI Grant 2 for her efforts to prepare the blighted property while fulfilling the vacant lots in her community.


Having the willingness and ability to offer social support for those who need emotional support, informational support, instrumental support, and affiliational support towards helping the recovering addict improve their confidence as they navigate their new life without addictions, Dana has also been serving as a Peer Specialist with over 40 years of lived experiences. In her spare time, she is attending Graduate School to obtain her Master of Science Degree in Human Services.  


Privacy and boundaries are two of the most critical concepts for Dana, as she always adheres to the same principle – legally, ethically, and professionally. Her 30 years demonstrate how her created program has established a platform for her to become a productive citizen in society.


She is a woman who prefers actions with tangible results rather than promises and words. She has tremendous empathy, devotion to her community, and strong professionalism and commitment to the community. The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs through the ecological system is a practice that Dana always utilizes in her endeavors as she moves forward to share with everyone that love is all that matters. 


Early Life, Education, and Affiliations

Dana is a native of Richmond, Virginia. In her spare time, she is working to obtain her Master of Science Degree in Human Services from Walden University, where she has earned a GPA of 3.91. She studied at Walden University, where she earned her Bachelors Of Science Degree in Human Services with a specialty in Addiction Counseling, and at Reynolds Community College, where she graduated with an Associates Degree in Human Services and a minor in Substance Abuse Education Counseling with honors Magna Cum Laude. She is a Qualified Mental Health Professional, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor-Supervisee, Registered-Certified Peer Specialist, Integrated-Forensic Peer Specialist, and Housing Qualified Standard Inspector-Housing Specialist. Out of all her accomplishments, she favors her role as a Peer Specialist because sharing her lived experience provides everyone with the hope that they can overcome addiction, which is a substance abuse disorder, a medical condition, and recovery is possible. 


She was a really participative and active student elected president of the Human Service Club in her college. She took this opportunity to lead her team with solid determination and an insatiable appetite to flourish, which got her team chosen, awarded the best club organization, and presented with a plague.


Not only that, Dana is a member of the International Honor Society and was elected to the All-State Virginia Academic Team. She is a member of the National Organization for Human Service Practitioners in her college, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and the National Society of Leadership and Success in her university.


Delegating has always been a core responsibility of Dana, who has charted her team’s course while making countless significant achievements recognized by her college and was awarded the Excellent in Student Leadership.


She did her schooling at Thomas Jefferson High School. Her education and professional background give her a unique and effective approach to leadership and exceptional determination.


Civic and Community Involvement

  • Blackwell Historic Community Civic Association President

  • Dana Sally Allen Foundation CEO

  • Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Executive Board Member

  • Chairmanship of the Access and Service Committee for Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Executive Board


Awards and Recognitions

  • Neighborhood In Bloom Hope VI Grant 2

  • Excellent Student in Leadership

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