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The Dana Sally Allen Foundation uses a holistic approach of progressive economic & human development, newer visions, and infrastructure to enhance the quality of life for the communities the foundation serves.


Dana Sally Allen is driving social change throughout the community. The organization represents all the facets of progressive economic development and human development, which is worth a glance at for her inspiring work.


Our goal is to increase public awareness concerning the importance of addressing adverse experiences. Substance Abuse Disorder, Mental Illness, rape, molestation etc. are apart of human life.  Traumatic experiences robs anyone of their dignity, self respect, self esteem and eventually their life. We lose who we are; when we are confronted with these challenges. It is paramount to address all types of traumatic experiences as the traumatic experiences are at the core that leads to a self destructive lifestyle.  We are collaborative. We do not shy way from challenges and we bridge our differences as we mobilize our resources to solve problems.


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